Will Obama Actually End Combat Missions in Iraq?

Recently the Obama Administration has stated that it plans to effectively end combat missions by the end of August.  This would end Operation Iraqi Freedom, though if I remember correctly, we already declared “mission accomplished” there and began Operation New Dawn.

As American military history has shown, we will most likely never leave Iraq completely — for though this new mission, according to the administration, will be the end of combat for Americans, our government will still maintain a large and expensive presence in Iraq, “supporting and training Iraqi forces, counter-terrorism missions and protecting US civilian and military initiatives.”  How this is distinguishable from combat missions I’m not sure, but at least we can hope that about 10,000 of our boys might come home.

This brings one big question:  Can we actually trust this will happen?

Instability is still rampant in post-surge Iraq. While many neocons may declare that we have won and that the surge worked, there remain many problems in the region.

On the day that Obama  announced his new strategy two car bombs and a drive by shooting killed 11 people. July was marked at the deadliest month for Iraqis in almost 2 years, with 535 people killed. Of course this is combined with the dubious election of their parliament, which has lead to the “insurgency” taking advantage of the political morass. To me this powder keg of politics, violence, and nation building is just one major event away from a renewed surge back into the quagmire.

Of course, Obama has claimed that he is doing this “as promised, on schedule,” never missing a chance at campaigning.  Which schedule he is talking about I’m not sure:  Maybe it’s the 10 months, or 16 months, or 21 months schedule that he has promised throughout his campaign. All I know is that looking at the past history of his administration keeping promises, i.e ending spying, stopping drone attacks, not increasing taxes, etc., has me taking this new one with a grain of salt. Though I’m getting tired of saying this, I hope I’m wrong.

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