Will the real libertarians please stand up?

Matthew Moran, a leftist columnist at my own Wake Forest University, wrote what I consider to be a fairly thoughtful column about libertarianism in the latest edition of our school newspaper.  I’d be interested to hear the thoughts of this group on the subject.  His article includes several ideas on libertarianism, which I will try to summarize with quotes below:

It’s because of my occasional sympathies with Libertarianism that I’m writing this article, both as a warning and as a question…

…Will the real Libertarians please stand up? Is a Left-Libertarian a better representation of the philosophy, or is Libertarianism simply a more intelligent sounding form of standard conservative Republican non-argument and nonsense? I know enough Libertarians on this campus to know that they are not all that way, but there seem to be a large and growing number of Republicans who don’t want to care about poor people and simply call themselves Libertarians, without renouncing their controlling social policies or penchant for war…

…By no means am I attempting to tell the people at YAL how to run their club or what to think. Selfishly, I suppose, I enjoy when you guys decide to work with conservative groups, the ensuing debacle makes the Left look good by comparison.

But I also respect a number of you and want opponents worthy of engagement; Republicans, especially the strangeness of “Reform Republicans,” faded into white noise long ago. I wouldn’t want the same to happen to Libertarianism.

Read the entire article here.

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