William Ayers at Florida State University

Bill Ayers will now join the ranks of guest speakers at Florida State University with Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert.  Except not nearly as funny.  Ayers has been called a former “terrorist” and is a current Statist for the reform of education.  His involvement with the violent Weather Underground group has given him quite the rap-sheet. His name was tossed around like a hot potato during the Presidential campaign by radio talk show hosts as one of many of Obama’s ties with left-wing radicals.

According to the Tallahassee Democrat (what a fitting name for our wonderful newspaper) Ayers was invited by the Institute for Liberal Studies to speak on education reform, not his relationship with President-Elect Obama.

The event has sparked uproar from the campus organization College Republicans and scores of colorful arguments in the local commentary section of the Democrat. I would love to see a hearty turn out of protesters from FSU’s chapter of Young Americans for Liberty. Not because of his ties with Obama, but because of the oppressive State controlled education system he stands for. Unfortunately I’m transferring schools the day Ayers is scheduled to speak- January 12th.

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