Wingate University’s YAL at Street Fair!

Wingate University’s tiny chapter of seven people sponsored a table at our college’s annual Street Fair. Every club and organization on campus gets the chance to hand out information and meet new students. Officers Taylor, Alexis, and Hanner decided it would be a great way to expand our membership. This is our first full academic year as a chapter on campus, so getting the word out about our organization was a must. Many students on our campus share similar political beliefs to those of this club, and they did not disappoint!

In total, 28 students signed up for our email list, 23 of which were freshmen. That was much more than any of us expected to sign up. A lot of students didn’t sign up, but did take Constitutions, so that’s good too. Our first meeting of the semester is tomorrow night, and we believe at least 10 new students will come. I think it’s safe to say that the Wingate chapter of Young Americans for Liberty will continue growing this school year.

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