Winner of $150 Recruitment Week Grant

Congratulations to Indiana University-Bloomington for winning the recruitment week event! This great group met all the criteria the contest requested, sending us a sample of their sign-up sheet and causing controversy on campus over their school’s refusal to bring Tom Woods to speak under false pretenses.  IU-YAL went from door to door in their dorms,  slipping our new Obama/Bush handouts underneath each door.  This was creative and definitely something other groups can do in the future.

If you watch the video you’ll see that they were able to engage students at their “callout meeting.”  The video and photo documentation was icing on the cake. Way to go, Indiana -Bloomington!

Honorable mentions go out to Indiana-Kokomo and Purdue University. Indiana-Kokomo and Purdue had tables where they used the world’s smallest political quiz, which seemed to have been great at engaging students. Purdue had great photos of their event and Kokomo’s video was well done too. Good work, Purdue and Kokomo.

 These are photos from Indiana Bloomington’s Dorm Storm.

Recruitment Week

recruitment week

 recruitment week

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