Winter recruitment begins at Macomb community college

This past week Macomb Community College held its student group fair and we were ready to take the challenge of recruiting students into our newly launched group!

We are the only political group on campus and the first in a long time; consequently, the students and staff were surprised to see us set up. As soon as we were set up, the students were intrigued to find out what we were about.Many students ignored us at first but as we kept pushing ahead, many students started to find interest.

To my surprise there were a really good amount of self described libertarians already on campus. Alex Witoslawski of the Leadership Institute came out to us all the way from D.C to help us recruit and give us some great tips. He was a great resource for recruiting and learning about activism!

Our second day of recruiting came and so came with it was a new challenge. We received the “Free Speech Challenge” kit from the Institute for Humane studies and we took full advantage of bringing free speech to our campus. The huge blue banner was an instant hit as soon as it went up, as many students flooded in to find out what it was all about.

Numerous students were interested but hesitant until we told them they could literally say anything on their mind. Free speech and liberty took Macomb by storm this week with no plans of leaving. We were able to get 50 plus students to sign up for more information on our meetings. We are having our kickoff meeting this coming Tuesday, January 19 at 4pm. This is just the beginning, so look for more from us in the coming weeks!

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