Withdraw Consent!

A mere twenty-one percent of Americans believe that the US government has the consent of the governed. Twenty-one percent. One out of five Americans believe that the government has legitimacy. Absorb that for a moment. The oversized federal government has finally met its day of reckoning. Simply put, it’s too big. But not too big to fail.

Three out of five find the government illegitimate. An overwhelming majority of Americans have rightfully denounced the empire. Despite anyone’s stance on social contract theory, this clearly shows that a new government, if any, is needed, for whatever the reason may be. 

What predicament does this put us, the American people, in? What choices do we now have before us? It is very unfortunate to have ever reached a point like this, but we are ultimately left with just two choices: to stand idle and continue to watch the federal government grow, or to withdraw consent. Both are dangerous but for far different reasons. Continuing to submit to the federal government will inevitably lead to an oppressive regime (or maybe it already has) that neither upholds nor admires individual liberty, free markets, and peace. Here, it is the oppressive regime that is the danger. Withdrawing consent, however, will ultimately lead to a much smaller state, if any at all. The benefits of a small, even nonexistent, state are plenty: individual liberty, free markets, and peace. The danger, if this path is to be taken, lies in the uncertainty of how to achieve these ends.

Violence? Civil disobedience? It is a very tricky question but one that is becoming so imminent that it can no longer be brushed aside. It MUST be addressed. At this point, collapse is inevitable. It is merely a matter of when. 

Violence must be avoided at all costs and never, by any means, initiated. Force is only justified in self-defense, something ‘the government is above.’ This doesn’t mean, however, that steps should not be made to prepare for the worst. 

Civil disobedience is far superior to any monkey wrenching, sabotage, or guerilla warfare tactics. As a matter of fact, it would probably achieve results much more quickly and effectively. It is much harder to do, though. Civil disobedience that brings about real change requires vast numbers of people. A change in mindset is needed as well. Since the government now lacks legitimacy, its laws do as well. This is very difficult for many people to grasp. 

Polls say and mean a whole lot. They tell people about anything from presidential approval to feelings about the latest healthcare bill. Judging from this crucial poll, people are fed up with the US government. They have overwhelmingly said that, “Enough is enough!” 

However, talk is cheap. Who will really stand up to the empire? Who will practice civil disobedience?  Who will really withdraw consent? Only time will tell, but to quote the great Dr. Paul, ” Sounds like the revolution is alive and well!”

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