Washington &Jefferson’s First Event: Pizza and Liberty!

A few weeks back in October Washington & Jefferson held its first ever YAL meeting! It was called “Pizza and Liberty” where we offered free pizza and brought students to come outside our commons patio to talk about liberty and what we want our YAL chapter to be. Trent and I both discussed our positions and then gave some information on YAL, our goals for this year, and then some off campus events we planned to go to. We had a turnout of 13 which was great for a Wednesday night! We have a bunch of people excited to see YAL become an official club here at W&J. We are currently planning another meeting and event. The meeting was very simple and got to introduce YAL to W&J students. No matter the turnout it was an amazing opportunity to discuss YAL’s mission statement and open up the opportunity of activism to our community here at W&J.

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