Women’s Empowerment and Liberty

Wednesday night YAL at Capital University was able to partner with the other political organizations at Cap and engage in a panel addressing women in politics. Organized by Capital’s chapter of the Women’s Empowerment Alliance, the panel dealt with various issues ranging from birth control and maternity leave to title nine and collegiate athletics.  All four groups represented (Campus Democrats, College Republicans, the Socialist Student Union, and YAL) presented ideas and solutions rooted in the philosophies of their respective organizations.

Full House

Our panelists put together responses deeply rooted in free market solutions and provided ample evidence to support their positions, something that was largely lacking from the other groups.  YAL representatives were noted as some of the best-spoken and most-composed of the speakers during the event. 

Bryce Hill Spreading Liberty

Dahkota Parish Starting Things Off

Additionally, the event enabled us to explain what YAL was about to a large and diverse audience.  Well over one hundred students came out to hear what the different organizations had to say and our message in particular resonated with the crowd.  At our weekly meeting held after the event we were greeted by several new faces that had listened to us at the event and were interested in learning more. 

The Squad

Ironically enough, none of our female members were able to be part of the panel due to the timing of the event, however their input was put into the official responses to the prompts. 

As a new organization on campus the panel served as an invaluable tool to get our message and name to a large part of the campus community and engage with other politically oriented groups.  Future collaboration is already being planned and updates about similar events will come soon.

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