Working with other clubs (and why it’s important)

So you just submitted your YAL application for review and are fighting to  get school recognition.  Or are you a YAL chapter that has existed for years?  Or maybe you’re somewhere in-between?  

Whatever the status of your YAL chapter is, here are four quick reasons to work with other clubs and student organizations on campus:

1. If you are a new club, other clubs may be able to help you get resources.

Within the first two weeks of our chapter starting, two clubs offered to be our “parent” clubs, SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy) and the Poli Sci club.  They were able to let us use space at their tables and get us access to rooms to hold meetings in.

2. If you’re new at starting a club, they know who to talk to, and how to navigate the school bureaucracy.

I’ve never started a student group before in my life, and really didn’t know where to begin this semester! But by talking to leaders in other clubs, I was able to get pointed in the right direction much quicker than if I was on my own.

3. They host events where they can get your name out there.

An example of this is the New Paltz SSDP’s “Know Your Rights” event coming up this fall. SSDP is allowing YAL to co-sponsor it, speak, and recruit new members.  

4. They can help you financially with your events.

If another club on campus wants to host a similar event to one you want to have, why now collaborate and pool your money to have an even bigger impact!  You’ll never know until you reach out.  

In short, the help that other clubs can give you, especially when starting up, is truly invaluable.  Even if you are an older chapter, you never know what kinds of help other clubs can offer.  Try reaching out to other clubs this semester, you might be able to have a bigger impact than ever before.

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