World Economic Freedom

So the 2011 Index of Economic Freedom has been released, and the United States has fallen in the standings for the second straight year. Hong Kong and Singapore once again topped the list. After having dropped from the “Free” to “Mostly Free” classification in 2009, the U.S. is now unable to claim the status of freest nation in North America (a bragging right belonging to Canada at #6, three spots ahead of us.)

Our slide over the last year was chalked up to increased government spending and uncertainty regarding federal regulations. Perhaps we can reign in the constant growth of the federal government with new incoming Senators and Congressman like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Justin Amash. It is inexcusable for the U.S. to continue sliding in these rankings — we have bountiful natural resources and massive amounts of capital just waiting to be unleashed. We need to keep pressing forward and working toward the day when the U.S. will be #1 in the Economic Freedom Index. When we have a  government that sticks to its enumerated powers (and a citizenry willing to hold them accountable when they do not do so) this will become a reality sooner than we might think.

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