World’s Smallest Political Quiz Event

This past Monday, the Santa Fe YAL chapter handed out pizza to students in exchange for them taking the World’s Smallest Political Quiz that was designed by the Advocates for Self Government!

Josh talking with students

The goal was to get students to see that while they might have always just thought of themselves as either Republican or Democrat, they don’t have to subscribe to the views of one of those parties. We know there are students out there who have problems with the restrictions of economic freedoms by Democrats, but feel like the Republican party too often restricts social liberties (not that the Democrats don’t too…). and we wanted to try and find them through the quiz. After the event was said and done the the vast majority of students either ended up labeled as “Libertarian” or “Liberal.” Only two surveys out of the 100+ we handed out scored under “Conservative.”

A student takes the quiz

We invited every student, regardless of their score, to come back to the meeting we were having that night and one of them actually did. His score actually was borderline between “Conservative” and “Statist,” so it led to an interesting discussion. Even with his strongly differing views, we managed to keep the conversation very friendly and cordial, exactly what we’d ideally want in any political debate. At the end of the conversation he actually seemed like he was rethinking a few of his preconceived notions about the need for government in so many aspects of our lives. If we can change even one person’s mind, it makes us feel like we’re doing our job right.

Meeting topics

Emmett and Joey discussing liberty with our statist friend

Keeping tally of the quiz results!

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