Worlds Smallest Political Quiz, Rags to Riches, Jenga-nomics and a Debt-Clock protest!

The University of Florida Young Americans for Liberty has had a busy beginning to the semester. We started off with our initial tabling efforts by bringing out our always popular “World’s Smallest Political Quiz.” We were encouraged by the number of students who scored in the Libertarian range and those who were on the border of Conservative and Libertarian!

Rags or Riches was our next effort to show students the link between economic liberty and prosperity. Many students were open to a discussion on the link and walked away being a new member or at least with a new perspective.

Rags or Riches

Our final effort before Spring Break was our largest effort — in more ways than one! We sponsored a giant Debt Clock Protest with the College Republicans to show students just how massive our debt is.

Debt Clock

For good measure, we also brought out our “Jenga-nomics” kit in order to show students that redistribution was not the answer either. We even got the the College Republicans in on the fun to shout “THANKS OBAMA” anytime the tower fell over (although we made sure they realized Bush doubled the debt in his 8 years as well). All in all it was a great recruiting event and the first step towards working with our CR group to make them more liberty friendly!

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