Worst. Contest. Ever: GOP and Dems vie for “Most Hawkish” title just two days after the election.

Flush with optimism after major victories in yesterday’s Congressional elections, House Republicans have promised one of their first orders of business is to attack President Obama’s July 2011 drawdown date in Afghanistan, despite the comparative handicap that the president already disavowed that date months ago.


Upon taking office in 2009, President Obama quickly established Afghanistan as his war, dramatically and repeatedly escalating the US presence despite ever worsening conditions. It seems now that he will face challenges from Republicans looking to make it their war instead, and the race may be on to out-hawk one another on the war, despite poll data showing the war is increasingly unpopular among voters.

I just — I just don’t understand. 

I mean, I expected that, once it got some power back, the GOP would quickly make itself as odious as it has been…well, pretty much all the other times it’s been in power.  Just like the Democratic Party does when it’s in control. 

But really?  Really?!  Really?!?  Two days into this and you’ve got to “out-hawk” each other in a war that shouldn’t still be happening anyway?  Two days and it’s “Let’s see who can kill the most civilians for a whole lot of money with unmanned drones“?

Republicans, I thought we were doing that whole fiscal conservatism thing again?  And Democrats, where’s the peace and love? 

It is honestly 100% beyond me that anyone can take either group seriously anymore.  However:

One thing seems clear to me. If I were a warmonger, and understood what was going on, I’d be happy after pretty much every election. No less when a man wins office with antiwar sentiment behind him (see, e.g., Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Nixon, Clinton, Bush, Obama). Since I’m a peacenik, you can guess how every election actually makes me feel. Of course, domestic policy generally gets worse too.

In conclusion, this:

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