Worst Start to a New Presidency

During the campaign for the U.S. Presidency in 2008 we heard from a candidate the promise of “hope” and “change.” Now that Barack Obama has assumed the Presidency he has suffered many setbacks, and broken his promises to the American People.

Already the stock market is approaching a 10 year low, and the only solution President Obama has is the biggest increase in government since the 1930’s. The support for the Economic Recovery Act of 2009 has diminished within the citizenry, but leaders in Washington, under the direction of President Obama, still conform to old ideas and solutions.

This President has broken his promise of change, and transparency, by appointing old Clinton officials to high ranking jobs in the government. He has failed to be transparent about the workings of his administration, and is covering up an agenda out to destroy our economy.

This President has appointed cabinet officials that are to be considered tax cheats; and one of these cheats heads the IRS. His nominee for Health and Human Services withdrew because of tax problems; his choice to head the office of government accountability withdrew because of tax problems. Where is the integrity?

His first nominee for Commerce withdrew because of a criminal investigation leveled against him, and his second choice for Commerce (a Republican Senator) withdrew because of the big differences he had with the Obama Administration, and their ideological misgivings.

It is still early, but what seems apparent is this Presidency is having on of the worst starts in recent history; and it is only just getting started. The fact is clear…Obama’s inexperience and socialist tendencies are starting to shine through, and proving that he is not cut out for the job.

This country needs a leader that is not out to take away the very freedoms that each of us hold dear to our hearts. We are a capitalistic society that thrives on the idea of Liberty, and we are selling it away for socialism, and eventually communism.

We does the revolution of ideas start?

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