WrongMan at the U of West Georgia

Our Young Americans for Liberty leadership headed by the Officer’s Corps including David Willis, Antonio McCurdy, Joseph Dean, Stephanie Mivsek, Lemoine Covan, and more conceived a catchy tabling event known as “WrongMan” to educate students at University of West Georgia know the consequences of the War-On-Drugs and how it impacts women.
The event focused on the rising incarceration of minorities by legal precedent set by Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan focusing on taking drugs of the streets. According to DrugSense.org and its Drug War Clock the United States Government has spent upwards of $33.5 Billion on the Drug War this year at the State and Federal level, which has put minorities and socioeconomically challenged people behind bars at high rates.
The Wrong Man event took time to dissect the problems that plague society – specifically Rape and Sexual Assault which are violations of people’s rights by another person. Statistics show that 73% of minorities in prison on drug charges are there for a minimum of ten years. The event helped college students on West Georgia’s campus become more aware of how Law Enforcement spends mass amounts of time and resources targeting Drugs, while relatively neglecting the Sexual Abused.
With our chapter being so tuned in and fired up, we were able to gain 108 sign-ups in eight hours total – four hours on Tuesday and four hours Wednesday.  Groups of people of various backgrounds and genders gained education our event.

Also, Deborah Crawford, Recruiting Coordinator, represented our YAL Chapter at the “When Criminal Justice Meets Social Justice” forum. She did an awesome job talking about how we can reform the Criminal Justice system with some local Law Specialists ranging from our Police Lieutenant, to a well known Criminal Defense Attorney.

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