WVU Hosts YAL Debut Event!


The newly forming YAL chapter at West Virginia University kicked off the spring semester with Free Markets 101, featuring Jenga-nomics! With a table set up in our main building, the Mountain Lair, students could not help but notice the commotion going on during a busy Friday afternoon.

Noticing what appeared to be a simple yet large game of Jenga, students began to wander over to see what all the fuss was about. They soon realized that the game was designed to demonstrate how wealth redistribution destroys an economy. We discussed fallacies of wealth redistribution, and had a fun time doing it!

Engaging discussions and debates were held as students curiously thumbed through reading material, and temporary breaks in conversation only took place when the blocks came crashing down! It was awesome how many students participated and seemed genuinely interested in the topic. We met many new people and even got a few to join our chapter! The turn out that day was an unexpected surprise.

The liberty movement is alive and well throughout our student community, and just a little bit of activism went a long way to bring like-minds together. Of course not everyone agreed with us, but for those who did not left that day with some queries in mind and a pocket-sized Constitution in hand.

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