X = what the government does; Y = what it calls it.

From the Militant Libertarian blog comes this clever list:

X = kidnapping; Y = imprisonment of persons convicted of [victimless] crimes

X = torture; Y = enhanced interrogation techniques

X = imperialism; Y = global peacekeeping operations

X = spying on citizens without cause; Y = homeland security operations

X = sexually assaulting and battering airline passengers – men, women, and children alike; Y = airline security operations

X = debasement of the currency; Y = quantitative easing

X = fostering systemic economic booms and busts; Y = monetary policy

X = gratifying one’s megalomania and feathering one’s nest at public expense; Y = public service

X = war; Y = peace

X = slavery; Y = freedom

X = ignorance; Y = strength

Read the whole list here.

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