Xavier University Pins Drones: Generation of War

Last month, Xavier University’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter engaged students and faculty outside of the university’s cafeteria about the issue of U.S. Foreign Policy and our usage of drones overseas. Setting up outside the cafeteria from 10am until 3pm, we talked to students as they were going to lunch in the hopes of sparking some intellectual conversation over food with their classmates and friends.

pin the drone
Most of the students responded very positively to our display. Many stopped to ask what our club was all about and how they could get involved. Best of all, most people were interested and astonished by how much involvement the US has had over seas over the course of their lifetimes.

group picture
During the five hours, we almost completely filled up our map and got over 40 sign ups! After following up with them, multiple new faces showed up to our meeting to continue the dialogue. We are excited to continue to bring awareness to our fellow students and spread the message of liberty. 


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