YAL and Ron Paul in California Editorial

My mother, who writes for the Dixon Patch, ran this editorial which has been placed on several Patches in the surrounding area. Here’s part of it:

… a story in Time Magazine says why the revolutions across the world are different this time: “The combination of youth and technology is driving a wave of change.” The story is about the Middle East revolution due to young, determined, democracy seekers who changed their world through Internet communications.

I’m filled with hope after seeing Ron Paul emerge as a presidential candidate a couple years ago backed by youth. The hard-working obstetrician and elected Texas congressman — and the constitution movement — had been virtually ignored and shunned by the media. I didn’t even know who he was and had never heard of him until I kept seeing signs and stickers that just said his name. So, at my son’s request, I went on YouTube to see him. You need to also.

Last week, at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the national gathering that helps determine the famous ‘Straw Poll,’ there were 11,000 people present including a humongous turn out from the ‘Young Americans for Liberty,’ college students and young adults who want to restore our government to align with the Constitution.

He won. He’s not going to be shunned by the media this year, I am fairly certain.

After listening and becoming aware of what he offered as explanations to many of the problems we are having and ultimately, how the constitution outlined how those things would not happen if we were paying attention, he has my support.

I trusted the people I voted for to do their job but they have not. They got indoctrinated to the greedy, old white man society of you-scratch-my-back, I’ll-scratch-yours. Paul, and very few others, held fast to serve the American people based on our Constitution. I want change probably more than those connected youth.

Although I feel my generation and the generations before me definitely have more experience than these Generation X and Millennial guys, I have to admit that they are probably the smartest generation ever for their age.

There has never been a faster or larger availability of information, and these youth have turned that into actual smarts. YouTube, iTunes, Twitter, Facebook, and WikiPedia may not be the most reliable of sources, however they do present the largest masses of information so that these youth have had to teach themselves how to pick which information is good and which information is junk. That is why they are better than anyone else at figuring out when politicians are lying, cheating, making junk promises, or (Heaven forbid!) being honest about the issues. That is why the youth love Ron Paul.

You don’t have to be for Ron Paul. But, if you listen to him—or his Congressman son, Rand Paul, you will see why youth love him and why I will campaign my fanny off for him. He has every bit of the history of our nation in his life’s experience to understand and logically correct the complicated, wildly unconstitutional, and crazy ways of running our country. And, he’s got the support of the American public, like me, that is just sick with outrageous government actions like over spending, overpaying, bailing out, and warring. YouTube Ron Paul and figure out Americans can be very optimistic about our nation—and about our future. I’m not waiting for some study to tell me that.

Read the whole story here.

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