YAL and SSDP CofC co-host an “End the Drug War” Event

Young Americans for Liberty and Students for Sensible Drug Policy @ College of Charleston had a very productive two weeks tabling on behalf of the cause of educating CofC students on the social and economic consequences of the War on Drugs.

YAL, Democrats, Republicans, and SSDP members united

Our YAL team held a “pot brownie” bake sale in which we sold regular brownies out of pots. This attracted a lot of questions and puzzled looks from students on campus, which opened up some great conversations and interactions.

Advertising our meeting

We’d like to thank the President of Millersville YAL, Kaytee Meyer, and her YAL members for giving us this tabling idea. We’d also like to thank Students for Liberty for providing the amazing “end the drug war” tabling kit and supplies and the CofC College Democrats for tabling and CofC SSDP for co-hosting the event with us!

NORML Attorney Dale Savage speaking to YAL, College Democrats, Republicans and SSDP members

We had a great turnout for the event with over 25 students attending. Our speaker for the event was NORML attorney Dale Savage, who gave a very informative presentation regarding America’s war on drugs and the effects that it has on American citizens. He discussed topics such as police militarization, civil asset forfeiture, the rise of federal “ABC” organizations, and the economic and social consequences of the failed War on Drugs. We ended the meeting by raffling off our remaining SFL “End the Drug War” posters, which were amazing!  

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