YAL Applauded in GA for Doing Something about the Debt

From the Editorial Staff of the Augusta Chronicle, who kindly emailed me some encouragement for YAL’s “Visualize the Debt” event:

[S]tudents in Wisconsin and Georgia and elsewhere have massed at their state capitols to decry modest state budget cuts. Somebody needs to show them what the books look like in a few years!

Finally, some of their peers are trying: This week, a group called Young Americans for Liberty plans to erect 40-foot-long “National Debt Clocks” on some 75 college campuses across the nation.

“We want fellow students to know just how big our generation’s share of debt is, and that Congress is spending away our future,” Ani DeGroot, Young Americans for Liberty chapter president at the University of Iowa, said in a statement. “Students stress about paying back their college loans, but they don’t realize their portion of the national debt is even bigger.”

Yes, it will be hard to balance the budget. But we ask: Are we to believe that the country that won two world wars — three if you count the Cold War — can’t muster the courage to stop spending their children’s money in 10 years’ time?

Come on.

Read the full article here.

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