YAL Arizona celebrates Bill of Rights Day with Bruce Fein

On Monday, December 15, 2014, student activists, public officials, community members, and liberty lovers from all across the great State of Arizona met at ASU Downtown Campus in Phoenix to join Young Americans for Liberty and Knowledge Works in celebration of Bill of Rights Day with Bruce Fein!

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YAL at the University of Arizona and Arizona State University partnered up with Knowledge Works, a new Arizona organization that pioneers new, innovative ways to create social change, to host Bill of Rights Day. They organize events in the AZ community to enrich and raise the level of conversation in all fields of culture.

With an outstanding record of protecting liberty, upholding the Bill of Rights, and dedicated to preserving our Republic, we decided that Mr. Fein was the perfect speaker for the event. Leading up to the event we spent countless hours and days promoting our event. We used social media, local newspapers, and we called numerous conservative and libertarian groups around the state and persuaded them to join our celebration.

Our event started with an invite-only round table for student activists with Bruce Fein. Everyone had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss issues that were important to them. Some of the questions raised and discussed were about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Importance of privacy. After the round table we had a general reception were we had food and music so people could network.

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Carlos Alfaro, the leader of Knowledge Works, kicked off the event. Our first speaker was a Patrick Henry Impersonator, who gave the audience a quick history lesson. Then we had activists, public officials, students, and members of the community read the Bill of Rights. Finally, Bruce Fein took center stage and rocked the house!

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He spoke for around 40 minutes. He spoke about the Bill of Rights and individual liberty as the center of our constitutional universe. While he spoke we passed around note cards and allowed audience members to write down questions for Mr. Fein. At the end Tyler DiGrazia led the Q & A. We had the honor and privilege of rewarding Mr. Fein and Edward Snowden on behalf of the Bill of Rights Bicentennial Committee.

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We’d like to give special thanks to the Leadership Institute for all their help! Without them this event wouldn’t have been possible. Photo Credits: Kevin Calabrese – kevincalabrese@outlook.com Gage Skidmore

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