YAL at Arizona State Calls for End to School’s Relationship with NSA

Exactly two weeks ago, Young Americans for Liberty at Arizona State University published an open letter to ASU President Michael Crow condemning the university’s continuing support of the out-of-control National Security Agency and calling for an end to the school’s relationship with the agency. The letter was signed by four other student organizations, including the ASU College Republicans and the Green Party of ASU. Soon after, we put a petition on Change.org, asking ASU students and alums, concerned Arizonans, and anyone else sympathetic to our cause to join us.
 The NSA: Training and recruiting Americans to spy on other Americans.

The response was incredible. As of now, we have 400 signatures on our petition, almost all of which come from residents of Arizona. Our efforts have already been covered in the university newspaper and on the OffNow.org blog, and we expect even more coverage this week. On Wednesday, we’re holding a demonstration in the university’s most busy area. There will be signs, signatures for the petition will be collected, brochures will be distributed, and students from all political backgrounds will be invited to stand up for their right to privacy.

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Does your school work with the NSA?

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