YAL at Arizona State University Raises Constitutional Awareness on Campus!

ASU Student Signing the Constitution

Young Americans for Liberty at Arizona State University had a great time promoting constitutional awareness on campus. On Monday, October 1, YAL and other pro-liberty clubs took over the Memorial Union stage at ASU. At the YAL table, we laid down a large replica of the United States Constitution for students to sign, and encourage them to include their state, following the example of the original delegates to the Constitutional Convention. 

Liberty activist Matt Papke signing the Constitution

The response from students and visitors was overwhelmingly positive! We also handed out pocket Constitutions, which were a huge hit, and invited students to our meeting the next day featuring ASU’s own Barry Goldwater Chair of American Institutions, Dr. Donald Critchlow, an expert on the American founding.

The Making of the Constitution: Principle and Compromise

Dr. Critchlow at the Oct. 2 YAL meeting at ASU

Dr. Critchlow gave an incredible talk on the principles behind the Constitution in which he highlighted the historical significance of the Constitutional Convention, educated attendees on the early political history of the United States, and shared his belief in the absolute necessity of an informed electorate.

After the meeting, attendees met up at Bad Mother Cluckers for conversation, food, and drink.

To find out more about what our YAL chapter is doing at ASU, visit our Facebook page and check out our website at www.yalasu.com!

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