YAL at ASU Hosts “Generation of War” Protest

YAL's Table

On Wednesday, March 27, Young Americans for Liberty at Arizona State University teamed up with ASU Students for Liberty and College Republicans at ASU to protest the undeclared wars and the foreign policy behind the war on terror and to educate students about the consequences of war on society.

War Statistics

Despite some elements of the event falling through (the DJ that we booked cancelled and the congressional candidate that we invited dropped out of the race early), we were able to pull through. We were able to reserve the outdoor stage in front of the school’s student union building (which is rumored to get more foot traffic than any other building in the state), and we set up tables, posters, a microphone, and a speaker.

MU Stage

Barry Hess, vice-chairman of the Arizona Libertarian Party, spoke passionately about the consequences of war and the little-known connection between cronyism and warmongering. Matthew Papke, well-known liberty activist and former Marine, and Blaine Thiederman, student activist, spoke about the effect that an interventionist foreign policy has on our liberties.

During the event, we were able to use the topic of foreign policy to engage in discussions with students on the ideas of liberty and even distribute literature concerning economics, history, and law. Thanks to the artistic abilities of our Treasurer, Joe, we also got a lot of compliments about some of our signs.

Visit our website to find out more about what we’re doing at Arizona State University.

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