YAL at Cleveland State participates in School Choice Week

On Monday, January 26 the YAL chapter at Cleveland State University took part in a national event this week promoting “school choice.” The event took place from 12:00pm-2:00pm in the Student Center interlink where interested students were eager to learn more about the event.

school  choice

One student made a great point during our event. He said that when it comes to education, having better school choices is a good thing, but the individual must have a willingness to learn. That’s the most important thing. This is the key to education, and it starts with the individual. 


We had students describe why they thought school choice was important on a card, then passed out over 20 scarves for their participation. We got 20 new sign-ups as a result. People were genuinely interested in learning more about YAL.

girl 1 response

girl 2 response

guy 1 response

girl 3 response

Regardless of political affiliation, education is important for the future of our society and we hope that more liberty minded organizations can support this movement. 

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