YAL at CSUDH Fights for Free Speech

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Cal State Dominguez Hills has had a great semester that was filled with many different successful events. We decided to finish the semester off with a final big push for free speech. We decided to do a free speech ball on campus and then host a documentary called “Can We Take a Joke?” 
On Thursday April 21st, we went around campus with our giant free speech ball that was provided by funding from YAL. We were able to have much of the ball covered in writing from students who were excited about freedom of speech. As the day went on, we encountered the campus police and we thought they would say something about our ball. However, he just asked a few simple questions about a left bag and nothing about the ball. We asked him if he wanted to sign it but he said he was on duty. Several college deans and administrative staff also signed the ball. 

On the Monday afterward we showed the film for two hours. Throughout the course of the film, we discussed the issue of free speech and how it is a right that is being taken away on college campuses. The students attending were very cooperative and contributed to the discussion even if they disagreed with some of the arguments made by the video. Overall, it has been a very exciting semester and the YAL chapter at CSUDH hopes to continue on that success. 
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