YAL at CSUDH March Events

The YAL chapter at California State University – Dominguez Hills had a very busy month. We were able to host two events during the month of March. One of them was hosting Dan Sanchez who is a Contributing Editor for AntiWar.com for a virtual speaking event. The other was hosting a co-event with the philosophy club on campus. 

Dan Sanchez spoke on how war is to the state as peace is to liberty. He spoke for under an hour and gave the audience an enlightened view of how war serves as a way for the state to advance its interests at the expense of both liberty and people. The second event was a movie showing which highlighted the Berkeley protest movement in the 1960’s which is one of the earliest movements of student activism.

The President of the Philosophy club is a member of our YAL chapter and thought of the idea of a co-event. We provided donuts and coffee for the event and were able to show the movie for around an hour and half. Overall it was a good month for our chapter and onto the next month which is full of surprises. 
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