YAL at CU Denver is in Full Swing! Liberty for Everyone!

In the last couple weeks, activism at the University of Colorado, Denver has been full speed ahead!

Members of YAL at CU Denver.

From making fliers for “Constitution Week”, to hosting a “Free Speech Wall” with Gabriel Nadales from the Leadership Institute, we have been nothing less than true liberty lovers. Last week, on September 17, 2015, we celebrated the Constitution.

Recruiting Members for YAL at CU Denver!

I made some fliers and handed them out to people at Fall Fest. I also posted them everywhere around campus, including in the library and the Tivoli Student Union.

Constitution Week!

In the next week, I hosted the “Free Speech Wall” on September 21st, 2015.

Students excited for Freedom of Speech on Campus

It was a successful day! Gabriel and I brought in about 30 or more sign ups, and overall it was a successful day. We promoted our next activism events, which are “Drowning In Debt” and “Yaloween”. 

I am excited to see more liberty in the coming weeks at CU Denver, and I am looking forward to what Young Americans for Liberty can bring to our campus! 

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