YAL at De Anza College hosts Nikolas Wildstar

Last week, on the 30th of April, with the elections almost coming to California, we, the Young Americans For Liberty At De Anza College, felt it was important to bring in someone who supports our cause and is running for election. We had some set backs as like finding a place and seeing if they would accept. Considering we were still not recognized by the school, we had to do it on our own with both finding money for food and finding a place that would have the person speak. We struggled, but it was all worth it. We were able to bring in 2018 Libertarian Governor Candidate Nikolas Wildstar.

Troubles, on the 30th of April, seemed to really like us. Our guest speaker was running an hour late and a lot of people who said were coming, didn’t. The few, who said would come, did and so did Wildstar. Since then, Wildstar spoke, questions were asked, and we all enjoyed a nice food all provided by those who were willing to give their time and money to the cause of Liberty.

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