YAL at Florida State College at Jacksonville

A blue wave is barreling towards the United States, set on destroying what liberties still remain intact. In the coming months, action will not just be helpful – it will be necessary. We are in an era where opposition comes from all angles. And not just opposition to those of us who comprise the liberty movement – opposition to those who may simply question certain narratives. The hostile anti-liberty environments are actively creating disenfranchised individuals who seek a channel where information can be both shared and debated without prosecution from thought police. Organizations like YAL provide an “in” for these individuals.

Over the past few months I have forged ties with individuals who understand the opposition. While we should not disregard the importance of reaching out by way of posters and flyers, creating connections, introducing topics, and initiating genuine discussions are invaluable to our movement. Contacting fellow members of society and working with likeminded groups to organize legitimate rallies and events are also essential in the establishment of real political presence.

For now,


Never compromise your liberties.



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