YAL at Gettysburg College Spreads Dr. Ron Paul’s Message for Liberty

The Gettysburg College YAL chapter held a recruitment drive at the Spring 2016 Activities Fair. The chapter set up an interactive table which included a “Liberty Quiz.” Many students participated to determine how pro-liberty they actually were. To their amazement, students found out that they were surprisingly more pro-liberty than expected. Gettysburg College YAL is a special location, with the club holding their meetings and events on the same hallowed ground where 51,000 Americans fell in conflict to define the meaning of liberty.

(Left to Right) Chapter President Chris Condon VP Liam Kerr & Secretary Alex Tottser 

Members of the chapter helped station the table and handed out literature and pocket Constitutions to prospective members. The chapter is currently trying to engage in a few more activism events for the semester and attract a wider array of students to the Liberty Movement. 

When asked about the state of his chapter, VP Liam Kerr announced in the words of Dr. Paul, “The Revolution is Alive and Well!”

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