YAL at Honolulu Community College catches interest of students and instructors!

Young Americans for Liberty was at Honolulu Community College’s Spring Welcome Week; and armed with our Spring Activism Kit and Generation Opportunity’s Opt Out Kit, we invited students, as well as faculty and staff to pick up literature, sign up and take a quiz about their political identity or spin the Wheel of Misery!

Students chose between filling the political quiz or spinning the Wheel of Misery.

Many stopped by to simply ask what we were about and what we did.  I talked about our past activism events in the last semester: Constitution Day and Stop the NSA. Many students picked up the pocket Constitutions.  A student who stopped by was surprised at how small the Constitution was, and even suggested that her friend could pick up one just in case for class!

A couple of instructors stopped by to discuss and take the quiz.

I was very happy to see that some faculty stopped by to see what we were about as well. A philosophy instructor was very eager to fill out her political quiz and we talked about how it’s not so black and white. Another Constitutional Law Professor of UH Manoa was at one of the neighboring tables and passed by discussed how it is important for students to know their rights.

Brochures and palm cards were handed out liberally.

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