YAL at Honolulu Community College celebrates Constitution Week

With the help of the Student Activities Board, our Honolulu Community College Chapter held our Constitution Week on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. We invited Hawaii’s ACLU and people from the Office of Elections to make it more of an interesting event.

Students grabbing Constitution Day goodies from books to stickers

Our special fold-out Free Speech Wall stood proudly in the middle of the Campus Mall as we invited students, faculty, and staff to answer our question: which political issues are important to you and how can we fix them?

K(R) & Anthony (L) help pass out Constitutions and talk about issues with our students

Students would stop by and read other responses, then put in their own. They ranged from having Corgis in Hawaii to dealing with the homeless and the situation with ISIS. Many people came by to talk politics, especially about how disappointing the Obama administration has been and that the President was only elected because of his social appeal. This led to responses about being an informed voter.

Tracy & Prof. Gasdar talk about ISIS and Syria

People were very respectful, despite conflicting ideas.  One student thought we should cut funds to food stamps, but a teacher who disagreed simply wrote next to him that he disagreed – respecting the student’s right to their ideas.

It's a beautiful day for tabling!

Many students were very interested in YAL and what we stood for, so I look forward to our first official meeting soon!

Constitution Day Flyer

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