YAL at IU Shows Students Just How Scary Big Government Is

The week of Halloween, YAL @ IU wanted to show students just how scary big government is. The weekend before Halloween, we went out to purchase materials for making civil liberties tombstones and holiday goody bags to pass out to students we interacted with.

We crafted the tombstones and while we waited for the paint to dry we assembled the goody bags. We wanted them to be enticing yet informational so we filled them with the following; Halloween glow rings, glow stick bracelets, Halloween candy, a copy of I, Pencil, a YAL informational card, informational cards about how to handle encounters with the police, and a pocket Constitution. Attached to each goody bag was a flyer with the dates and times of our weekly meetings.

The weather that week provided us with a wet and chilly campus, perfect to set the mood. We found a high-traffic area, and set up our civil liberties graveyard and tabling equipment. We talked to students and some faculty about attacks on our civil liberties as students and individuals and informed them how they, too, could get involved with YAL on campus.


After packing up, we had some goody bags and Constitutions left over. Instead of getting rid of them, we set up a display in our Student Union and put up a sign for people to take them. When we came back later on, they had all been taken! We ended up getting several sign-ups and passing out over 50 pocket constitutions!



At our event meeting, we talked more in depth about what threats there are to our civil liberties, and about which ones we hold most dear to us, which led to some interesting and engaging conversations. We ended our week with a social held at my house where we continued our conversations as friends, and watched the Republican debate!


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