YAL at IUPUI hosts “Week of Liberty”

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Indiana University-Purdue-Indianapolis took our campus by storm last week. During this jam-packed “Week of Liberty,” the IUPUI YAL chapter showed other organizations what “all-out activism” is all about.

Monday through Friday, our chapter demonstrated hard-work and determination. We held multiple events over the cours of the week:  Occupy the Honor Roll, Visualize the Debt, reYALity Check:  The Price Is Wrong for Big Government, and Know your Rights Activism Events — and even put our own twist on many of the events.

Check out the video, pictures, and more below:

On Monday, we held “Occupy the Honor Roll” on one of the busiest places on campus, Democracy Plaza.  Tents, posters, signs, and a table were set up to demonstrate that individuals deserve to keep what they earn. With a microphone, YAL leaders drew in crowds of students by mocking the Occupy movement.  With dozens of questions on chalkboards set up behind the demonstration, IUPUI students expressed their opinions on the topics.

Reactions to the Occupy event mixed from students who actually wanted to redistribute grades, to students who didn’t understand our satire and thought we were being unfair. In the end, tons of students were educated about redistribution of earnings and the IUPUI YAL chapter recruited nearly 20 new sign-ups for next semester!

Come Tuesday, we continued our Occupy event by creating a video to promote their values and show that being a libertarian is cool! Feel free to use our video above on your campus.

On Wednesday, we set up a table near the chalkboards again and quizzed students about their government.

Then, during the lunch rush Thursday at noon, we hosted the “reYALity Game Show.”  YAL members quizzed the hundreds of students eating their lunches on pop culture and politics. When students answered a pop culture question correctly they received an opportunity to win a fun prize by answering a political question correctly. Prizes ranged from candy to games and toys. If they answered incorrectly they were given literature, including constitutions, YARs, Morality of Capitalism, and more.

This was truly a reYALity check for many of the students on campus.

Thursday evening we continued the activism with a TSA/Police powers event. With a weeklong promotion of a showing of “10 Rules when Dealing with Police,” the IUPUI YAL Chapter showed the film at their meeting along with pizza and drinks. This drew in students with many questions on what to do at parties and on the road.

To end the All-Out Activism with a bang, the IUPUI YAL Chapter built a 40-foot long national debt clock and displayed it on campus near the chalkboards. We then hosted a “Pass-The-Mic” event near the debt clock, where students could come and talk about their opinions and discuss different economic plans including President Obama and Rep. Ron Paul’s plan. Nearly 50 students took place in the event, which included free pizza and drinks for the participants.

For more pictures of “Week of Liberty” at IUPUI, click here, and to keep up with the YAL Chapter at IUPUI, join our Facebook Group.

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