YAL at IUPUI to host Civil Liberties College Tour Stop

Young Americans for Liberty at IUPUI will be hosting one of the stops on the YAL Civil Liberties College Tour on Tuesday February 7th!

At the current moment, an event of this nature is certainly necessary, as every day, we are seeing our rights whittled away by a government that has stepped far outside of its constitutional and legal constraints. Legislation such as the PATRIOT Act and the NDAA have roused people awake to the threats we face and even have become seminal issues for Republican presidential candidates.

All of these developments have come about as a result of wars, and as Randolph Bourne’s thesis suggests, war is the health of the state. Wars, like the ones the US government is conducting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Somalia are the health of the state because many accept the certain steps taken in effort to make us “safer,” when in reality, our rights and privacy are violated.

Many do not know this, but as a result of NDAA, anyone of us can be indefinitely detained with no charge. Yet, many accept this. Those who warn of it are painted as traitors and terrorist sympathizers, by those who do not understand the laws of this country and their natural rights.

The speakers at this event have warned of it, and have been criticized all the same for their warnings. The list of speakers includes Jacob Hornberger, Bruce Fein, and Glenn Greenwald- with Jack Hunter as the moderator of the event.

Jacob Hornberger is the founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF), has appeared on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Fox Business Channel show Freedom Watch, and has co-authored or edited eight books which have been published by FFF.

Bruce Fein graduated from the Harvard Law School with honors in 1972. He held many positions within the US government including with the Department of Justice, the FCC, and as research director for the Joint Congressional Committee on Covert Arms Sales to Iran. He has written books on foreign policy, US law, the Supreme Court, and the Constitution. He has worked at many Washington thinktanks. He currently writes columns for The Washington Times and Politico. He is a regular guest for BBC, C-SPAN, CNN, Reuters, MSNBC, and NPR.

Glenn Greenwald is a lawyer, columnist, blogger, and author. He works as a writer with Salon.com but has written for many other publications. He broke the story of the mistreatment of Army private Bradley Manning, the soldier who allegedly leaked the classified documents to Wikileaks. He has written How Would a Patriot Act, A Tragic Legacy, Great American Hypocrites, and With Liberty and Justice for Some. He has appeared on news shows including NPR’s All Things Considered, ABC’s This Week, MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and Comedy Central’s Colbert Report.

Jack Hunter, who will moderated the event, is a pundit who writes for the American Conservative and has a popular YouTube channel that can be described as a video blog. He is known as the Southern Avenger. He is a frequent fill-in host for Mike Church as well as a frequent guest on The Savage Nation, the radio show hosted by firebrand pundit Michael Savage. His writing has appeared on The American Spectator, Lewrockwell.com, Campaignforliberty.com, and in the YAL publication Young American Revolution where he is a contributing editor. He also co-authored with Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul the book The Tea Party Goes to Washington.

The event will take place at IUPUI Campus Center which is located at 420 University Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46202. The doors to the event open at 5:30 PM, the event begins at 6 PM, and will conclude at 8 PM.

We hope you can make it to this event, and here is the Facebook event page where you can RSVP.

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