YAL at Kennesaw State University: Starting Up and Growing

Kennesaw State’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter reformed in August with little more than 4 members and pending school recognition. The chapter that existed at Kennesaw state before had disbanded leaving me and others to pick up what they left. Luckily with the help of a few former students and a YAL state chair we were able to quickly navigate through our schools re-registration process and renew our chapter’s recognized status by Septemberallowing us to then reserve space for events on campus. This was a big win for us and it helped further our ability to recruit members, which was and still is one of our chapter’s biggest focuses and over time our recruitment efforts have gone from modest and relatively unsuccessful to large and effective. 

Our first recruitment event took place soon after we formed in August and consisted of our chapters initial four members walking around and passing out pocket constitutions with sign up sheets. We got 20 or so people to sign up and our followup efforts yielded no new members; the only member we did gain around that time came to us because of word of mouth in Atlanta’s libertarian community.

The next four recruitment events that we conducted happened after we gained recognition from the school and subsequently the ability to put up tables and displays. In general they proved to be very energetic, drawing quite a few students to us resulting in around 35 signups (that we were sure to follow up with). Along with these efforts our chapter has been using chalk and social media to advertise to potential members.

All of this effort payed off, through all of this we took our chapter from 5 members to 11 as of January. We plan on continuing our recruitment efforts with bigger events like visualize the debt and socials while also increasing the frequency of small tabling, chalking and social media efforts. 

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