YAL at Lakeshore High School, Michigan

YAL Chapter President Trevor Fye: Lakeshore High School (Stevensville, Michigan) has only ever seen one political group represented: Republicans. This fall, myself along with other liberty lovers have changed that. The process initially started in early August (Students for Rand lead me to following Cliff Maloney Jr.) and I saw many of his posts regarding YAL. I sent him a message, and a few hours later I had joined and submitted an application to create a chapter. We got approved in late August by our school, and the recruiting began. Like most things not mainstream, we were not notified about our school’s club fair in time for us to be on the brochure, but we were able to get in to recruit some new faces. We had success bringing in freshmen who were particularly unsatisfied with both the right and the left. We had a member of the LGBT community join because they felt unrepresented in the school. We had Democrats join who were open to supporting the 2nd Amendment and controlled government spending join. Now, we all mesh into this diverse, liberty loving family that wants to further a great cause!

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