YAL at Los Angeles Trade Technical College

LATTC YAL chapter kicked off the year 2015 at Los Angeles Trade Tech College implementing the ideas of liberty on campus.

Start for Liberty


We had a chance to table for Spirit Week in February and got our students excited about our Young Americans for Liberty club at LATTC. We wanted to challenge ourselves to get as many sign-ups as possible.

Cadet officer at LATTC

Morning breakfast at LATTC

We tabled in the morning for students to sign up for the YAL LATTC weekly update email. We gave out free coffee cakes and drinks as a good morning breakfast meal. The LATTC students all seemed to be happy with their free morning meals.

Constitutional photo at LATTC

We wanted to show the students that we want their attention on Liberty by offering them free candy, waters, books, and Reason magazines. Students learned about the Constitution and I talked with some students about the tenth amendment of the constitution. The tenth amendment is what most Libertarians focus on.

We stressed everyday for the students to implement these ideals in the local community college area. We want to thank Ms. Bianca, currently the chapter historian, for giving her full energy to Young Americans for Liberty.


Finally, I painted the Young Americans for Liberty meeting flyer at LATTC. 
We got at least five active Los Angeles Trade Tech students to become official YAL officers.

LATTC Freedom of Speech meeting flyer at LATTC

In the meantime, I shall see all of the west regional young americans for liberty at the California State Convention on April 25, 2015.

California State Convention

Thank you, YALers and Nathan Fatal for making all of these events possible. I Hope to meet all of the Young Americans for Liberty leaders at the California State Convention this month.


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