YAL at Mississippi State Lobbies for Fiscal Conservatism in Student Gov’t

From the Mississippi State student newspaper:

At Wednesday’s Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) meeting, six candidates in tomorrow’s Student Association (SA) election participated in a Q&A session. We appreciate the candidates’ seeking us out, and their willingness to engage in discussion. Many interesting questions were raised concerning a variety of topics such as online voting and impending budget cuts, but one in particular deserves recognition.

The question dealt with the salaries, totaling $18,045, that the eight-member SA executive council receives. Each salary is listed on page 40 of the SA Constitution, found at the SA Senate’s Web site. The candidates fumbled the topic around for a few minutes, until someone asked, “If elected, would any of you commit to giving your salary back to the school?” For the first time they were hesitant to speak….

The purpose of the Student Association is to proactively seek out student interests, ideas and concerns. Instead, it has become a breeding ground for career politicians, bloated bureaucracies and monopolistic tendencies. Tell the candidates to focus more on seeking out all students, and focus less on using our SA to advance their self-interests and political careers.

Read the full report here, and also check out this reply from another student on campus.  (And if your YAL chapter has been active on campus, we want to know!  Please post an update here on the blog — and if you need a blogging account, shoot me an email and I’ll get you set up.)

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