YAL at MU brings in big crowds for two liberty loving speakers

Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Missouri has been busy the past couple of weeks. Starting in late October, the YAL at MU chapter invited Missouri Rep. Paul Curtman (R-St. Louis) to campus to talk about all things liberty-related. He talked about criminal justice reform measures, downsizing state and local governments, and bringing governance down to the individual level.


Also, earlier this week, on Nov. 18, we had a packed crowd attend a talk by Mercatus scholar Antony Davies, via Skype, about the U.S.’s disjointed, rapacious income tax system. He blasted away on the country’s ridiculous progressive tax system.

Of the more than 45 students in the crowd, all of them receptive to the lecture, some peppered Davies with questions about a better alternative to progressive income taxes. Davies, for his part, said that the best alternative to the income tax is to get the government out of the tax game. “The government,” he said, “should stop taking people’s money.”


“In the end,” Davies said, “we should strive to alleviate hunger, pestilence, and poverty, not push to make all people equal. The only way to alleviate those terrible maladies is to let the free market run its course. The market place in a free society promotes economic prosperity for everybody.” 




The students, in fact, were so interested in the lecture that many of them clamored for the Powerpoint slides Davies used in his lecture. There is nothing like seeing the faces of students after they realize that all of their preconceived, liberal notions of social justice have been torn asunder. The past few months have been exciting for YAL at MU. The chapter is looking forward to having more successful liberty events in the new semester.

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