YAL at MU was Fired Up for Feb


Fresh off of our successful tabling event at the University of Missouri’s spring involvement fair, which garnered more than 100 contact numbers for MU’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter, our YAL chapter was able to segue that success into a very successful slew of free market February events. Many on campus weren’t aware of the benefits of the free market, so our educational efforts made a big difference!


So, with the Free Market “Rags or Riches” demonstration in hand, MU’s YAL chapter set up a table at the university’s student center and began disseminating free market knowledge. Most of the MU students were shocked that the United States did not rank higher on the scale of economically free countries; indeed, two-thirds of the students who ranked the countries placed the United States in the top 2 countries, with Canada earning, by nearly every participating student, the coveted most economically free position. Suffice it to say, while some did better than others, none of the students were able to place the countries in their ranked order. That said, they  left YAL’s “Rags or Riches” tabling event the economically wiser then when they had approached it. 

Along with tabling for free markets, we also invited current Midwest Regional Field Director at Americans for Prosperity and former Leadership Institute alumni Kent Strang on campus to talk to YAL members and liberty-minded students about economic freedom and its inextricable link to prosperity. Fifteen students, free-minded thinkers, and YAL members showed up to listen to Strang lecture. The audience was eager to learn. 


The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the University of Missouri plans on keeping the ball rolling on into the month of March; in fact, we plan on breaking out all of the stops for March’s Generation of War activism event. The chapter will be hosting two credible voices — Missouri Libertarian Party Chair Cissi Spragins and Mid-Missouri Fellowship on Reconciliation Coordinator Jeff Stack — to speak about the threats that unending wars and drone attacks pose to peace and prosperity. Capping the month, the chapter is bringing a replica drone on campus as an informational display for students. 

The upcoming months YAL’s MU chapter are going to be jam-packed and exciting!

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