YAL at Northeastern University: September in Review

The following is written by Daniel Wrigley, Vice President of Young Americans for Liberty at Northeastern University:

Northeastern University’s newly formed Young Americans for Liberty chapter got off to a great start in September. During orientation and the first week of school, our chapter received over a hundred signups. Jeffery Tucker spoke to our chapter, and more high profile speakers are scheduled to in the future. Activism is also starting up and beginning to have a positive effect on the students.

Our tabling event during the first week of school was a massive hit. We drew a lot of attention with the “free pot brownies” sign at our table. Of course, when students came we handed them regular brownies in a ceramic pot. Because we showed that our chapter could be entertaining as well as doing great work. Many students hungry for a club like ours signed up.

Our club wanted to get exposure to many different viewpoints so we coordinated a fieldtrip to the Boston Tea Party meetup. Many prominent Boston activists and future politicians showed up and had great discussions with us.

Later in the month, our first activism event was the popular free speech ball. Many students enthusiastically wrote on the ball. A lot of the content by the end was harmless fun, some sent a political message, and some were just strange. We even saw a person write against free speech on the ball. We got a lot people to reflect and think about the meaning of free speech and its impacts.

By the end of the month we settled into regular meetings. Upcoming in October would be amazing speakers, documentary screenings, more activism, and great discussions.

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