YAL at Northeastern Updates

Here at Northeastern University, we are just getting our start on campus. With the Socialist Alternative movement gaining scary traction among our students, our YAL chapter strives to provide education on limited government principles and an alternative to socialist ideas.

In October, we organized our first on-campus event in collaboration with Liberty Tour 2016 to bring liberty-minded speakers to campus. We also built a relationship with Northeastern University College Republicans to book the space for the event and look forward to potential collaboration with that group in the future as well.

We continued to do tabling on campus throughout October into November, bringing our email list to over 30 students, which crushes the minimum requirement of 12 members to be considered an official club on campus.

This week, we are having our first general meeting at which we will talk about how awesome YAL is for new recruits and plan events for the rest of the semester.

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