YAL at Pierce college; strong first quarter!

YAL Pierce college faced some uphill battles initially. To be recognized by the school, the club needed a teacher to agree to being an adviser. 6 teachers were approached before an adjunct professor with some liberty sympathies was found. One teacher turned the club down saying ” I don’t think I would be the best person as I don’t really support liberty.”


We had a tabling event for “club rush” where we distributed informational materials and had 22 people sign up for our email list. We also tabled with an interactive board asking people what they think we should be free to sell. That event created another 27 people interested in receiving the club newsletter.


We have also established a Facebook page that is actively posted to.

screening sign

Our final event was a screening at lunch of Milton Friedman’s 1990 series Free to Choose.

screening pic 2 

We are looking forward to participating in Incarceration Nation next quarter!

screening pic 3

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