YAL at Santa Fe College continues their Spring campaign with two successful events.

In Gainesville, Florida, the YAL chapter at Santa Fe College continued their quest to spread the ideas of liberty on campus with two successful events.

Last Wednesday, March 18, the Santa Fe YAL chapter started off the day by tabling at Santa Fe Student Life’s event, where president Joey Bradfield and member Matt Pearson engaged many students in the ideas of liberty.

While initially skeptical, many of the students were won over by their arguments for liberty, free markets, and individualism. While the audience they spoke to was diverse, ranging from 18 year old dual-enrolled students to older students in their mid-fifties, with different backgrounds and ideologies, all of them found common ground with Joey and Matt. All students were encouraged to attend YAL’s event with FFF later on that day, where FFF president Jacob Hornberger was to speak.

The FFF event had a good turn out, with 11 interested individuals making an appearance. Jacob spoke for 45 minutes on the dangers of the welfare/warfare state, how libertarianism has grown as an ideology in the last 30 years, and the future of the movement. After his speech, there was a very engaging discussion period where attendees were encouraged to ask questions about how different issues in a free society would work.


All in all, YAL’s event with FFF was a success, and we are very grateful for FFF and Jacob Hornberger for coming to campus to speak.

On Thursday, Santa Fe’s Office of Diversity put on an international diversity day to showcase different cultures and lifestyles of Santa Fe’s international student body. Clubs were encouraged to represent different nations, such as the World Travelers representing Brazil, and the school’s Model UN team representing Egypt.

In order for YAL @ SFC to table at the event, they were required to represent a culture as well. So who would the Santa Fe YAL, an organization devoted to spreading the ideas and philosophy of free markets, liberty, and individualism represent? Why, the small alpine state of Liechtenstein!

For those who don’t know: the Principality Liechtenstein is a very small country nestled between Switzerland and Austria. Coming in at 61sq. miles, Liechtenstein is the sixth smallest country in the world with only 35,000 citizens, but one of the richest. They have the second highest GDP per person, and a low unemployment rate of 1.5%.

The Prince of Liechtenstein himself, Hans-Adam II, holds many libertarian view points, and has written a political treatise on what the role of the state should be in the 21st Century watch an interview with him here where he speaks about his book. Liechtenstein is also one of the only nations with the constitutionally defined right of secession.

It is very rare for a state to recognize the right of self-determination, and only adds to the uniqueness of the Liechtensteiner state. For any interested, here is a great article on Liechtenstein from liberty.me.

 liech table

On to Santa Fe’s activism for the day: despite being the farthest table to the back, our table received a lot of attention and plaudits for our simplicity and knowledge on the subject matter. Chapter president, Joey, lured in passerby’s with his repertoire of knowledge on Liechtenstein, talking about their history, governance, and laissez-faire economic system.

After speaking on Liechtenstein, the conversation would then shift into why YAL was representing the country, how YAL stands for personal and economic freedom, how less state influence and allowing individuals to flourish creates a prosperous society, and how Liechtenstein is a proper case study for people to examine Libertarianism in action.

The case for Liberty was heard by many interested students, many of whom already identifying as libertarian/libertarian leaning, but had never heard of Liechtenstein and its libertarian society.

liech table 2

Bradfield would then shift into what YAL does on campus, our semester plans, and how YAL offers opportunities to their members that they wouldn’t find in other clubs on campus. Overall, the Young Americans for Liberty/Liechtenstein table was a rousing success, and people who came to our table left with the seed of liberty planted in their mind.

Now the focus for Santa Fe’s YAL chapter shifts to this week’s tabling/meeting session on Wednesday. We are preparing ourselves for the Incarceration Nation event.

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