YAL at SJU holds first ever Recruitment Drive

The YAL chapter at St. John’s University held its first ever recruitment drive. We had a team go around and collect signatures in the various buildings of the school. We aren’t an official organization on campus yet so we couldn’t have table set up. That didn’t stop us from roaming campus to find interested students to join YAL. 


We have had a very diverse group of opinions and philosophies showing up to our early meetings, so we used this to our advantage. The people who we walked around with and split up with us are our VP Amanda who leans more conservative and also just a regular attendee who we don’t always agree on economically named Fiona. Having this diversity allowed us to convince more people to sign up who may have been intimidated at the thought of having a differing opinion in a room full of libertarians.


We showed we have a platform for many opinions and ideas to be discussed. The drive lasted from about 12:30-3:00. It consisted of social media outreach, word of mouth outreach, and roaming the campus. We filled about three pages with signatures and also spread recruitment materials such as Constitutions, cards with YAL’s political philosophy along with what to say to police cards.

Through our discussions we helped a lot of students realize they are more liberty-minded then they thought and convinced some to come to future meetings. We are very hopeful for the future of our YAL chapter as we move into the next semester and beyond.

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