YAL at SPC’s first informational meeting w/ Lucas Overby

Young Americans for Liberty at Saint Petersburg College finally hosted its very first club meeting on February 11, 2015. Attendees showed up to see what YAL was all about and to get an idea of what we will organize and exercise on campus. The ground work for the chapter started during winter break. After many weeks of personal communication and lots of tabling at school events, it all culminated to this event.


Over 30 students and faculty members came out to our event. Many belonged to other clubs on the campus such as Ethics in Action, Men Achieving Excellence, Phi Theta Kappa, Student-Veterans of America, and more. There was a lot of interest and many flyers were distributed to students who weren’t involved in tabling.


The chapter president Mohammed M. Shaker gave an introduction to the history of YAL from when it was known as Students for Ron Paul, up to the start of our chapter. Secretary Aron Bryce spoke about liberty and its importance to us. He then spoke about club contact info, events, and gave a report on what SPC’s chapter has done so far. Furthermore, we added some information about other chapters’ activism events.


To wrap up the event, our special guest speaker, Lucas Overby, a local community organizer, liberty activist, and LP congressional candidate, spoke. Mr. Overby started by speaking about non-partisan liberty, youth activism, and knowledge of the political process.


Mr. Overby pitched a non-partisan idea about community involvement with local city and county politics, what he calls “Take-A-District.” It involves bringing in young people from the whole political spectrum. Afterward, Mr. Overby mentioned his work with Students for a Sensible Drug Policy, and YAL.

The meeting was a hit. Many eager and interested students spoke with the YAL members and Mr. Overby afterward about how they can involve themselves in the club. We are looking forward to our next bi-weekly meeting to officially elect our E-board and get started on activism ideas.


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